500 Litre Water Tank, Upright

£310.00 + VAT

SKU: WaterTank-Upright500


Collect rainwater for your home and garden with our 500L compact upright water tank, available in a wide range of colours.


Height (mm) – Excluding Lid    920
Width (mm)    620
Length (mm)    1000
Weight (kg)    35.0
Nominal capacity (Ltr)    500
Baffled    Yes

Additional information

Weight35 kg
Dimensions100 × 62 × 92 cm


Beige, Black, Black marble, Blue, Blue dolphin, Blue mottle, Blue wydale, Boat blue, Boat green, Bright green, Brown, Carmine red, Dark blue, Dark green 6135, Dark green GR37, Dark grey 7210, Dark grey BK76, Dark slate, ERM grey, Gentian blue, Green granite, Green marble, Green mottle, Green regrind, Iron grey, Khaki, Light green, Light grey, Maroon, Natural, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red 5001, Red M2, Red RD18, Sandstone, Signal yellow, Traffic orange, Westfali green, White, White Hi Glo, White ivory, White mottle, White opal, White Super linear, Yellow 2735, Yellow amber, Yellow Hi Glo, Yellow RX3001





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